Mattias Fredriksson

Mattias Fredriksson has a reputation for bringing up-and-coming freeskiing talent to light. One of the most prolific action-sport photographers of our time, his talent, dedication and farmer’s work ethic have boosted him to this level.

Fredriksson combines subtleties of natural mountain light with motion to offer a potent mix of quiet alpine moments, loud, screaming action, and creative portraiture. He spends winters—and many summers—traveling and working with a vast assortment of freeskiers and other athletes. His friends and professional contacts extend around the globe.

After living in Riksgränsen, Sweden, for two seasons, Fredriksson started his career in print journalism with Vertikal magazine, eventually landing in Åre as editor of Sweden’s national ski magazine, Åka Skidor. He decided to focus on photography and freelancing in 2000, and his work now appears in all of the world’s top ski and bike magazines. He´s senior photographer for Powder Magazine (USA), SBC Skier (Canada), Fri Flyt (Norway) and Bike Magazine (USA).

He was an invited presenter at the 2003 World Ski and Snowboard Festival’s internationally renowned Pro Photographer’s Showdown in Whistler, B.C., Canada and in 2009 he won the first ever Deep Summer Photo Challenge in Whistler, a mountainbike shoot out with the best photographers in the world on the start line.

Bike Magazine awarded Fredriksson for one of his photographs; Photo of the Year 2010.

The 38 year-old is still based in Åre, where he lives and enjoys life in between all the trips around the globe.

Leslie Anthony Freelance writer and author

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